“Today we say so long Summer and hello Fall!“ and with that, Dairy Queen has a new Blizzard line up!

It was a pleasure to art direct this spot with the incredible team at The Mill. Beginning by building out the visuals of the world and drawing from the flavors and themes of Fall. I created a series of styleframes for every shot to guide our CG artists and to set the course of the project, with constant back and forth communication with everyone on the team to get to the finish line.
After this project, it was a must for me to visit a Dairy Queen in person and try a Blizzard for the first time. It did not disappoint!


VFX Creative
The Mill

Creative Director
Matt Darnall

Art Director
James van den Elshout
3D Lead Artist
Adam Carroll

3D Artists
Steve Eisenmann, Naotaka Minam, Todd Dufour, David Barosin, Daishi Takishim, Harlan Qiu, Michael Marsek
Matte Painting
Itai Muller

2D Lead Artist
Andrew Pellicer

2D Artists
Alexis Jo, Joseph Yoon
Mari Chung, Jeffrey Lee, Steve Beck

James van den Elshout, Adrian Navarro, Zach Landua, Ian Abando