James van den Elshout

Lovelo Animated Typeface

‘Lovelo’ Animated Typeface

What started out as a small animated title, grew into a complete animated typeface using the great Lovelo Black from Renzler. I’m really happy with how it turned out and think its pretty unique when comparing it to some of the other awesome typefaces over at Animography. During this project I learnt so much about optimizing my scene for speed and using expressions to link various parameters to a central controller. I have to give a huge thanks to Jeroen for his help throughout the whole process.

Lovelo is an animated sans serif typeface with pop and flow. The typeface is bold and has clean and geometric features. The animation is a very eye catching reveal with little accents to make the whole thing pop. Great for all kinds of uplifting type animations.
— Animography


Type Design by Renzler

Animation by James van den Elshout

Song - 88mph (Video Edit) by Le Matos

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