James van den Elshout

Nike White Hot


Nike 'White Hot'

I was brought on board by Buck to help out with design and animation of their latest Nike project. Over a few weeks I began designing visuals to be associated with the traits of various classic shoes, produced and edited animatics and worked with the Buck team in Sydney as well as a range of international artists who were collaborating on this too.

“For the launch of five classic shoes in perhaps the most classic colorway there is [white], we unlocked the gradient tool and blasted our screens with ramped colors.

Then, we bubbled, we distorted, we deconstructed, ripped, pulled, peeled and revealed the shoes to their pure white on white on whiteness.
— Buck

Check out the full project on the Buck site: http://buck.tv/#/work/project/17452/white-hot


Directed by BUCK - Creative Director: Gareth O'Brien - Executive Producer: Erica Ford - Producer: Jordan Howes - Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking - Head of CG: Doug Wilkinson - Art Director: Luke Saunders, James Owen - Design: Lucas Brooking, Luke Saunders, William Pietsch, Jason Pamment, James Owen, Jordi Pagès, Nejc Polovsak, Chris Phillips, Tim Clapham, Josh Edwards, Glen Miralles, Mathijs Luijten, Nicolo Bianchino, Elijah Akouri, Lead Modeler: Elijah Akouri - Shoe Modeling: Greg Petchkovsky, Damien Lam, Ben Shearman, James van den Elshout, David Porte Beckefeld - 3D Animation: James Owen, Jordi Pagès, Nejc Polovsak, Chris Phillips, Tim Clapham, Josh Edwards, James van den Elshout, David Porte Beckefeld - 2D Animation: Mathijs Luijten, Luke Saunders - Edit: Mathijs Luijten, Salvatore Scopelliti, Luke Saunders - Lighting/Render: Michael Lampe, James Owen, Jordi Pagès, Nejc Polovsak, Chris Phillips, Tim Clapham - Music and Sound Design: Antfood